Learn How You Can Be a Detective – As Police, Homicide, Private Investigator, FBI, CSI, and More

So you want to be a detective? Fantastic! That’s what this site is all about. But being a professional detective is not all bright lights and high fives like on TV. The work can be extremely demanding. That’s true for all types of detectives: police detectives (homicide), crime scene investigators, and PI’s, to name a few. Your job may require you carry out surveillance, conduct probing interviews, survey crime scenes, examine evidence in excruciating detail, and participate in arrests and raids.

Is It the Right Career For You?

DetectiveAvatarDetective jobs cover a wide array of skills and duties, so you might be better suited for one type. For example, homicide detectives spend a lot of time on the streets, interviewing witnesses and following leads. Crime scene investigators spend most of their time inside a lab. Both careers still require incredible focus and are stressful in their own right. Research the different careers and assess your own strengths and weaknesses to find the best fit.

Getting the Proper Education

Each job has unique educational requirements. Forensic detectives will be required to have a specialized education in either a Masters or Doctorate. Other careers such as police detective value experience and personality highly.

To become a police detective, you need to serve at least 5 years as a patrol officer. Most of the police departments in the US will require at least a high school diploma while recruiting a patrol officer. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that many officers also hold a degree. Some departments prefer recruits who have a background in criminal justice while others might only look for a bachelor’s degree. Knowledge of foreign languages is always a major asset.

To become an FBI Agent then you will need some relevant work experience along with a Bachelor’s degree. Experience with the military or police service is advantageous. If you plan to work in the sector for financial frauds and crime, then it would be good to have experience as a financial analyst. Candidates are also required to clear medical, psychological, and physical tests. An extensive background check and an oral and written examination are also part of the process.

Cultivating the Necessary Skills

Whether you join as a patrol officer or are appear for the position with the FBI or CIA, your skill-set will play an important role. You need to have an eye for detail and have strong analytical skills. Physical fitness is also an important consideration. The training program that you will go through will require you to be proficient in all these areas.

Landing the Job you Want

Getting through the application and interview process probably won’t be easy. These are serious job positions and will demand your best. Depending on what career you choose, you’ll be seeking employment by the government (local, state, federal) or a private company. Or maybe you’ll be self-employed as many PI’s are.

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