Specialized Private Investigators Seduce Cheaters

It is no secret that private investigators work a lot of infidelity cases. There are just that many cheaters out there – and most aren’t all that good at hiding it. Not all investigators deploy the same tactics for catching the cheats though. A ‘new’ breed of investigators might more aptly be called private seducers. Rather than document the target committing infidelity through tracking and pictures, these PI’s actually get the target to proposition them!

Here’s how it works: The investigator wears a wire, learns where the target hangs out (this is often a bar), and strikes up a conversation. If all goes to plan, the suspected cheater shows interest and evidence is collected. How far it goes depends on several things – what the client wants, the investigator’s job description, and the agency’s policies. Yes, some investigator’s actually sleep with the target. Nothing is less ambiguous than that!

As you can imagine, not just any investigator is qualified for this job. These PI’s have to be pretty darn attractive / charming in order to get the job done. Think “above average”. You could be the world’s best private investigator, but if you’re overweight and smell like onions, seduction will be tough.

Hungry for the salacious details? Two such investigators opened up for questions. Here are there interviews:

As Requested: IAmA Male PI who’s job is to catch cheating wives and girlfriends. “ThrowawayFlirt” is one of my co-workers. AMA

IAmA Professional Flirt. I work for Private Investigators and my job is to contact men who are suspected cheaters, and try to seduce them basically. AMA

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