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Fictional detective books have been popular for centuries, and there is a pile of great reading to be had there. Here in this section however, we’re going to take a look at non-fiction private investigator books.

These books offer practical advice on being a good private investigator, how to start a private detective business, pro tips and tactics, and real life anecdotes. Others go in-depth into more specific topics, such as conducting financial asset investigations, conducting background checks, or sleuthing like a pro online.

While we do our best on this site to educate on all things detective, it’s hard to beat a good book!


The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Private Investigating

This is an excellent all around private eye resource book, whether you are interested as a professional or just curious about the profession. You will learn where to research for employment, how to do tenant screening, how to do adoption searches, how to protect yourself from being investigated, and how to access powerful databases. Author Steven Brown knows his stuff too, as a former FBI agent and manager of a P.I. firm for 18 years!

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Everything Private Investigation Book

Similar in scope to the Idiot’s Guide, The Everything Private Investigation Book shows you the tricks and techniques of the P.I. pros. Learn how to dig up dirt, observe without being observed, catch a cheating spouse, uncover hidden identities and assets, protect and avoid identity theft, manage a surveillance operation, use the internet to find anything, and conduct thorough background checks. As the tagline for the book reads: Master the techniques of the pros to examine evidence, trace down people, and discover the truth!

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Navigating The Legal Minefield of Private Investigations

This book, unlike the two above, is less about how to become an investigator, and more about protecting yourself legally as a P.I.. Still it provides a fascinating read for amateurs and pros alike. Topics covered include: arrests and interrogations, using GPS tracking devices, camera and video legal implications, polygraph testing, search and seizure, impersonations, and wiretapping / eavesdropping. In addition there are some great tips to being a more effective private investigator.

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How to Do Financial Asset Investigations

A Practical Guide for Private Investigators, Collections Personnel and Asset Recovery Specialists. Updated for today’s tech oriented world, this book focuses on the latest computer technology and related tools used for identifying and assessing personal and corporate assets and liabilities. You will learn how to use data bases, human sources, surveillance intelligence, and public records for obtaining critical financial information. In fact, there is a complete chapter that focuses entirely on the Internet. Ultimately you will be able to gather, organize, and analyze key financial data and from that, make sound assessments. Doing in depth financial asset investigations covers a range of professions, including of course private investigators. This is a serious book for serious financial investigations.

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Sleuthing 101: Background Checks and the Law

No surprise here – this book is devoted entirely to the craft of background screening. Background checks are used by employers as a critical tool for making sure the wrong person does not get hired. This book explains the various methods for conducting background checks, reccomends tips for creating an employment application, and explains the must know employment laws and regulations.

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