How To Fool Caller ID

Knowing how to spoof, block, or fool caller ID for an outgoing phone call is a trick every private detective should know. It also comes in handy sometimes in other non-detective scenarios! Spoofing caller ID is a technique used so the real number calling doesn’t show and instead is substituted with a fake number. This fake number then appears on the receiving end’s caller ID display. We’ll also look at other ways to get around caller ID.

Using a Pay Phone

This of course a tried and true technique for placing a call that cannot be traced back to you. The number will usually display as “Pay Phone” on the Caller ID. This is generally okay, but your story over the phone needs to make sense in that context. For example, it might be difficult to say you are phoning as part of a survey, government agency, or business. A call placed from a pay phone can not be traced to you individually, but the location can be traced.

Blocking Caller ID

The easiest and best known way to block caller ID is to simply dial *67 prior to entering the phone number. This will block the Caller ID to most phone numbers. It will either display as “private number” or “restricted”. If the service is available in your area, there is usually no fee associated with star 67.

Use a Prepaid Calling Card

Another option so as to not have your number display on Caller ID is to use a prepaid calling card. Often prepaid numbers go through a call center first, so they display a number that cannot be called back. (Some cards do show your calling location, so do a test phone call first to yourself to check the features of the card.)

 Use a T-1 Line for Phone Service

For serious detectives, having a T-1l line installed in your office can prove very handy. Generally the installing company can report the Caller ID outgoing number as whatever you wish. For example, the number could just be the same number that connects to the rest of the phone number. Typically these numbers cannot be called back!. This is not the cheapest option but for a bustling agency it might make sense.

Use a Phone Spoofing Service

This is a really interesting option. Phone spoofing services allow you to buy time from their computers and phone dialers. Here’s how it works: You phone the number they’ve given you, usually a toll-free number, and then enter your account PIN, the number you want shown on the caller ID, and finally the destination number you are calling. These spoofing services come and go so try and research them as best you can prior to use. Also, a test spoof is a good idea to see yourself that it actually works. Where to find these phone spoofing services? Start with a Google search and go from there.

Voice Over IP

The last method we’ll discus for getting around caller ID is VOIP (Voice Over IP) systems. Some VOIP phone systems allow you to show whatever number you want as the caller. Check with their customer service prior to signing up to see if this is possible.

That’s it detectives! There are even more ways to fool caller ID but we’ve covered the most common ones. Using your sharp investigative skills, maybe you’ll dig up an even superior method.

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