How To Become SWAT

If you are looking to become a swat officer then you came to the right place. Here at How To Become A Detective we have decided to broaden our horizons and instead of focusing on only one aspect of crime fighting we are focusing on all of areas. This particular section of the site is geared towards helping police officers be part of the SWAT team. So, lets get started!!

First Things First

Becoming part of the SWAT team is not going to be easy. Obviously, you need to be in incredible physical condition. You will never see an out of shape police officer that is part of the SWAT team. You also need to have the mental fortitude to deal with high pressure situations. SWAT team officers are the best trained officers in any police department and will be on call 24/7. So, be prepared to give up your free time. However, keep in mind that you will be paid a lot more than a regular police officer.

Job Description

SWAT officers are specially trained officers who specialize in dealing with high-risk situations. Some of these high risk situations include: hostage situations, search and rescue situations, undercover operations, crowd control and many many more. The team is usually comprised of the best police officers in the department. So, you can be assured that only the very best police officers are will make it into SWAT.

How To Become SWAT

The first step to becoming a SWAT officer starts with obtaining a job as a regular police officer. Depending on the department that you have obtained a job at there is a minimum year requirement before you can be accepted into SWAT. Typically, this year limit is three years. Be prepared to take a variety of tests including: physical fitness tests, firearms tests and psychological tests. If you complete all of these tests be prepared to undergo a rigorous interview process from a review board.

How Much Do SWAT Officers Make?

The median salary that you can expect as a SWAT officer is $61,000 a year. This amount will vary depending on a number of factors.

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