How To Be A Cop

If you have ever wondered how you can become a cop then this page is tailor made for you. However, before we start getting into specifics on things like job interviews and physical training it is wise to actually define what a cop is. A police officer or detectives were created to enforce laws. They typically do things like collecting evidence, testify in court and ultimately catch the bad guys.

As a police officer you will be required to do a few things. First off, you must wear your uniform at all times. The same will not be asked of detectives or private investigators as they can do their work in regular clothes. Typically, you can expect to be working 40 hours a week. However, you will get paid if you work overtime but since crime never rests you will probably be called in to work weekends.

As a cop you can expect to make close to $52,810 a year. However, you will get paid if you work overtime so that figure could potentially be a lot higher.

How Do I Become A Cop?

Like most jobs your journey starts with education. If you want to become a cop you are probably going to have to go to school. There are some special cases in small towns where you can be given a job as a patrol officer right out of high school. However, in most cases you will be required to have at least an associates degree. One thing to note here though is that most of the men and women applying for police officer jobs have a bachelors degree so it would definitely be to your benefit to obtain one.

You also have a great chance of getting a job as a police officer if you speak more than one language. Departments are always looking for officers that can communicate with victims or criminals of a different language.

You can expect to take a few tests if you are serious about getting the job. For one, you will be required to take a physical fitness test and an intense psychological test. If you do well enough on these you will then be sent to a police academy for 12 to 14 weeks where you will learn things such as state laws and constitutional laws. Once you get through the police academy you will have completed your goal of becoming a cop.

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