What is a Forensic Detective?

There is a good chance you’ve seen the use of forensic science to solve criminal cases in the hit television show CSI (Crime Scene Investigation). Many of the characters on the show would be considered forensic detectives.

What is forensic Science?

Forensics is the broad application of science to legal proceedings and criminal investigations. These sciences can include: medicine, phonetics, biology, anthropology, chemistry, genetics, psychiatry, and engineering. As you can see there is a tremendous range of useful scientific studies!  With rapid advancements in technology, forensic science plays a bigger role in the legal and criminal fields than ever before.

crime_scene_investigationWhat is a forensic detective?

Also known as a forensic investigator, forensic scientist, or crime scene investigator, a forensic detective applies their specialized science knowledge in an investigatory manner. An example would be collecting and analysing physical evidence at a crime scene. A forensic investigator does’t work off hunches or gut feelings. They use scientific evidence to prove what happened and have it stand up to the sharpest scrutiny, such as in a court of law.

Where can a detective of forensics work?

A forensic detective would generally become knowledgable in a given science then is employed by an agency such as a police department, the FBI, a legal firm, or even an insurance company. They may also testify as an expert in legal trials.

What is the average forensic investigator salary?

Because they are so specialized, forensic detectives earn a very nice salary. Starting salaries would generally be around 50K and an experience veteran could expect to earn 100K and up.

What is required to become a forensic scientist?

Typically the minimum educational requirement is a Bachelor’s Degree, but increasingly people are earning their Master’s and PhDs to stand above the rest. For more, visit how to become a forensic detective.

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