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Spy Gadgets and Spy Gear

People have always been fascinated with spy gadgets after seeing them in action in various spy movies. Detectives use a range of spy gear and gadgets to help in their everyday tasks.  Some of these gadgets are quite simple in concept, while others can seem a bit over the top. With the advancement of technology, many such gadgets are now available at prices that you will find perfectly reasonable – especially in a professional setting. Here are some of the most commonly used spy gadgets.

Listening devices

Audio surveillance devices are very commonly used to listen to conversations while maintaining some distance. The most readily available audio surveillance device is the parabolic microphone. Such microphones are often used by bird watchers and nature photographers to locate those animals that cannot be easily seen in their natural environment.

A normal audio surveillance microphone is shaped like a satellite dish antenna and is used for amplifying sounds coming from locations that are too far to hear naturally. Some of the better quality listening devices can make distant sounds, coming from as far as 250 meters, clearly audible. Usually, headphones are used to listen to the sound and recorders can also be attached to the device. Because of the range of distance over which the device operates, it is very safe to use for investigation purpose.

There are other devices as well which involve installing a mike inside spectacles or pens. These are used by investigators when they are close to the subject.

Video surveillance

Certain spy gadgets make use of a battery powered camera to transfer the videos to a display device. Earlier, wires were used between the receiver and the camera. However, technologies such as Bluetooth have made it possible to use video surveillance devices more easily and secretly. Neck-tie cameras and colored sunglasses cameras are some of the examples of video surveillance devices. There are certain other cameras that use Bluetooth to transmit the video directly to a cell phone.

Image capturing devices

Secrecy is of utmost importance while investigating. A normal camera will give you away easily. So, investigators opt for cameras that can be used in a secretive manner. There are cameras as small as a gum sticks that can click pictures from inside the gum packet. Certain cameras are also fitted inside ball point pens and sun glasses.


Keeping track of a subject’s movement is an important part of an investigator’s job. One of the simplest ways to do this is using the Global Positioning System (GPS). There are several devices available today that use GPS and can be attached to a car’s body or slipped inside a coat to track someone’s activities. Tracking a vehicle for surveillance using GPS isn’t legal in every state / jurisdiction, so be sure you know your laws!

Counter surveillance devices

If you find out that somebody is spying on you, then you would want to use counter surveillance devices. There are bug detectors that will scan an area to find out if there are any spy gadgets hidden. Certain gadgets can be plugged into your phone to find out if it has been tapped or not. To counter audio or video surveillance devices, you can use a spy gadget which generates noise to disrupt the transmission of these bugs.

The use of spy gadgets and devices is often restricted to police or government bodies. Using spying devices on someone without their consent is considered to be illegal in almost every part of the world. You can be fined or even jailed for illegal spying.

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