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Another Fascinating Private Investigator Interview

Thanks to community news site Reddit we get another fascinating up close look at the life of a private investigator. You can read the entire discussion here, and I’ll also post some of the questions and answers below. The same PI did an earlier interview about his work.

The community questions are in bold italics with his answers following.


Most dangerous situation?

Theres been a few. I’ve had a gun pulled on me after serving a subpoena, Ive been surrounded by drug dealing gangsta’s while hiding in my car like a giant vagina, only to be discovered and had to haul ass out of there, nearly running multiple people over due to having my car-seat fully reclined so as not to be shot in the face.

Tell your best story in detail.

There are several really good ones. But I’ll start with a case I actually got from a redditor in my last AMA. I cant go into too much detail (out of respect) but I can give you the basic run down. A woman contacted me, asking for my help in determining if her husband was cheating on her. Pretty standard case…or so I thought at the time. The husband had been growing increasingly distant and behaving suspiciously (mysterious phone calls etc) and the wife became concerned when she searched one of these random phone numbers. Turned out to belong to a nearby escort service. So she retained my services. On the surface things still appeared to be pretty standard adulterous behaviour, but when I started digging, things took a turn for the dark and bizarre…very quickly. Numerous escorts. Voicemails. Emails. Most provided to me by the escorts themselves when I contacted them. Oh did I say escorts? I meant to say “Dominatrixes” (I guess that’s the plural form). Human furniture, Mummification, Trampling, Urethral Ultrasounds….you know, really sexy stuff (/sarcasm). Not what I expected to find from this seemingly normal looking couple and a standard adultery case. Also not images I wanted burned into my corneas for the months that followed either. Just goes to show you that no one ever really knows whats going on behind the scenes.

Have you ever had sex with a client?

Nope. But I met the love of my life while on a case. I charmed her into helping me gather some information on a case I was working and she fell head over heels. 🙂 I did as well….don’t judge me for wearing heels.

What is your most terrifying story?

Working on a missing girl/murder investigation. Found a guy who fit the profile from a witness. I stumbled across him while on surveillance in the area the girl went missing. It was about 2:00 a.m. I started following him and my stomach just sank. Chills. Just that feeling that something was wrong. I followed him for hours in the dead of night. Out into the middle of nowhere. Back-roads in Louisiana on a foggy night are unsettling as it is. But something was especially off that night. Coming around a large curve and then through a thick patch of fog, I didn’t see his tail lights anymore. So Im driving slowly, looking for him, and next thing I know there’s a set of high beams right behind me… was him now following me. Just the two of us. No houses around for miles. Just empty fields and grain silos. I was able to ditch him with some clever driving skills, and did some more digging the following day and the things I found made that night in retrospect SO much more terrifying. A large amount of telephoto lenses and camera equipment, an ungodly amount of hunting knives, and children’s collectible dishes. No a father, hunter, or photographer by the way. Lived alone. Also, he was not guilty in that particular case…..but I’m pretty sure there was some unrelated craziness going on

What kind of money do you make?

55-75 dollars per hour depending on the case.


 So there’s a bit of it! Much more to see so hop on over for all the juicy details.
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