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How to Become a Detective in Canada

Despite Canada’s reputation as the most polite country on earth, they still require the same old police and detectives!

The process for how to become a detective in Canada is similar to that in the United States with a few distinctions.

Here are the basic steps to becoming a Canadian detective:

  1. Get a University education that relates to your field (criminology, criminal justice, psychology, or possibly a science if you’re thinking forensics).
  2. Apply for the police force. Once accepted, attend police academy where you will learn the necessary hands-on tactics to policing.
  3. Graduate.
  4. Work as a general city police officer, RCMP, or constable. Do your best to go above and beyond the call of duty. Impress your superiors as best you can. It’s a fine line between standing out and looking like an overzealous prick. Use your senses but do make that extra effort.Pro tip: A young city police officer was on duty when a call came over the radio of a reported shooting. First on the scene, standard procedure would have been for the rookie to wait for backup and take orders. Instead he begins canvassing the neighborhood and interviewing witnesses. This action did not go unnoticed and was included in the report by his superior as “one to watch”.
  5. Show explicit interest in becoming involved in investigative or undercover work. Do it!
  6. Get that promotion! If you’ve played your cards right, everything should line up for your promotion to a higher-ranking position within the force – a detective role.

Actual Requirements

  • The actual requirements for application are minimal: 1.) Be 18 years or older and 2.) Be a Canadian Citizen. Everything else on this page is mean to greatly increase your chances.

Additional Tips for Becoming a Canadian Detective:

  • Be a “good person”. From interviews with RCMP and other Canadian cops, I can tell you they place a high value on character. This means impeccable character credentials. Not so easy considering most of us have engaged in some stupid behavior. They talk to your friends, past employers, landlords, and maybe even family. Start being the the best person you can be as early as possible. Captain Canada. Volunteer in your community. Stay out of trouble. Shovel your neighbors driveway (no shortage of snow). Get good grades. Be involved where you can, and make a positive impact.
  • Stay / get in shape. This goes a long way. Jog and lift weights. Keep the Timbits to a monthly thing. Not only will it help you get the job, but you’ll appreciate it later.
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